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Should your tiny furball wear a collar? Yes! Even if your kitten is going to spend their life safely indoors. Accidents happen—an open window or door, an escape on the way to the vet—and you want your kitten to be as easy as possible to identify. We’ve made a handy list of the best kitten collars so your small cat will be safe—and as cute as possible.

Kittens and Collars

The first rule of collars for kittens—and cats—is safety. Elasticized collars or collars with a “breakaway” clasp will allow your cat to back out of the collar or break free if the collar gets caught on something. (A collar that lacks these safety features, such as a costume collar, should be used only when the cat is under your supervision.)

You’ll find a wide range of collars for kittens, from simple bands to elaborate bowties, scarves, and luxe leather. When choosing a collar for a kitten, go with something lightweight. Note that if you have “matching” cats, giving them different color collars can be a great way to tell them apart at a distance!

If you are going to allow your older kitten to go outdoors, a collar with a reflective strip is a good idea. If your kitten is indoors only, consider an orange collar. There is an effort to make orange collars widely recognized as marking an indoor cat, so if your cat escapes or gets lost, people will immediately realize that they should not be outside.

American Humane has some quick tips on choosing a collar that’s safe for your cat. They note that a properly fitted collar will allow you to easily slip two fingers in between the collar and the neck. Since kittens are growing, be aware that a collar that fits one month could be painfully tight the next. Be sure to check, and recheck, collar fit until your kitten is fully grown to ensure sure the collar remains comfortable and safe. 

The Best Kitten Collars

Why do you need a kitten-sized collar? It turns out that most cat collars (made for neck sizes 8 to 15 inches) are too big to fit kittens, and some are too heavy, as well. To simplify your hunt for a properly sized kitten collar, we found several collars that can be adjusted to 5 or 6 inches. You can choose from bright colors, weather-proof fabrics, and even Japanese textiles. All of the collars we list here are either breakaway or stretch collars, ensuring that your kitten can escape if the collar catches on a branch or furniture.

This popular personalized reflective cat collar is not just for outdoor felines. It is not uncommon for an indoor cat to dart out of the house and get lost. With this collar, your kitten is easier to find. Choose from black, blue, orange, pink, and red and click the “personalize” option to have your cat’s name and number printed right on the collar. It’s lightweight, so a good choice for kittens.

GoTags personalized collar

GoTags Personalized Collar

A lightweight ID collar that’s great for small kittens—available in several attractive colors.

Perfect for stargazers, magic enthusiasts, and anime fans alike, this glow-in-the-dark moon and stars design is dazzling—and affordable. It has a breakaway clasp for safety and is available in seven colors. Plus, they offer it in a small size especially for kittens and small cats.

The smaller size of this handsome leather-and-elastic collar fits 6- to 7-inch necks—likely to fit your kitten. It comes in 12 colors. The same-color elastic insert makes sure your kitten can safely slip free of the collar if it catches on anything.

This lightweight, narrow collar with Petco’s patented breakaway buckle is sized specifically for kittens. If you allow your kitten outdoors, you’ll definitely want a collar with reflective tape like this one.

This soft-yet-durable chirimen fabric cat collar is adjustable and includes a breakaway clasp. It comes in purple, midnight blue, or gray. Chirimen is a Japanese crimped fabric used for kimonos; other chirimen collars, such as the Plum Blossom, are also available—each one sports a different bell shape.

Necoichi fireworks collar

Necoichi Chirimen Fireworks Cat Collar

This collar, made of rayon kimono fabric, is soft and adjustable to fit young kittens. Use with or without the kitty bell.

Easily adjustable to fit your tiny kitten, this affordable elastic collar, made with reflective materials, covers all the bases when it comes to comfort and safety. Coastal’s elastic weaves are sturdier than other stretch collars we’ve seen and these can be a good choice if your kitten tends to lose collars and you need to buy multiples.

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who just got a kitten? The Supakit breakaway kitten collar will fit the bill. These come in two sizes: kitten and adult, and in two materials: leather and textile, made from recycled plastic harvested from the sea. This burgundy leather collar is just one example of the elegant neckwear they make for our tiny feline friends—you can choose from several handsome colors.

This durable nylon cat collar has a bell and reflective elements to protect your kitten if they get out at night. The niftiest feature, however, is the breakaway clasp: it’s adjustable to three difficulty settings in case your cat is a collar escape artist in need of some fine-tuned protection. Available in black, blue, or pink patterns.

Gear for Outdoor Cats

If your cat is comfortable with a collar, you might want to consider training them to walk using a leash. We’ve checked out a wide variety of leashes and harnesses and have several recommendations. Many urban cats also enjoy getting out and about in the fresh air in a stroller. And for the relentlessly independent cat who’d rather go out without you, check out these GPS trackers.

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