Starving ‘Misshaped’ Puppy Chose Her Own Home & Became ‘The Prettiest Girl’

A tiny undernourished puppy squeezed through a family’s fence, and she appeared to be alone with nowhere else to go. At first, the family’s son assumed she was a rat because of her small stature and malnourishment. She was that little! But after realizing how unusual her shape was, the family quickly realized she needed assistance.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



The dog was discovered without any tags or a microchip. The family recognized that the pup’s best chance of survival was to be placed in a caring home. The mother contacted her friend, Alicia. She knew that Alicia and her husband Tre would make excellent parents because they were both kind people who would provide unconditional love to their children. Tre laughed and said the deformed little puppy resembled more of a squash due to its misshapen physique, so she became “Pumpkin.”



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



Pumpkin was in awful condition when Alicia and Tre saved her. They took her to the veterinarian the next day, and they informed them that she would not have survived another night or two on her own. She was then given a high-calorie diet and other medications she required as a result of her injuries.



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video




Pumpkin, on the other hand, was always the happiest little puppy, no matter what happened. She adored playing with whatever toys she could find. Her inner joy was infectious. Tre and Alicia couldn’t help but grin as Pumpkin grew up. Pumpkin is a picky eater like Laila, Tre’s second dog. Laila is a selective individual who doesn’t welcome just anybody into her life. 



Tre and Alicia’s other dog, Laila was happy to have Pumpkin as a little sister. Laila is actually a picky dog. She doesn’t accept just anyone – but she accepted Pumpkin from day one. It’s as if they were always meant to be together! ❤️



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video




Laila’s joy increased with each passing day as she learned more about Pumpkin. The vet was shocked to see Laila reverting back to being a puppy once more. Pumpkin brought Laila back to her energetic self. Laila, in turn, taught Pumpkin a thing or two about etiquette.



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



Pumpkin was a tiny puppy when she lost her sight, but now that she’s fully grown, she looks identical to an ordinary Pit Bull save for one thing. She is miniaturized. This was most likely caused by malnutrition in puppyhood. We are immensely grateful for Pumpkin’s tenacity and perseverance in fighting and surviving on her own. She knew she needed people to survive, so she did everything possible to attract attention.



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