Austin Pets Alive! | URGENT HEAT HELP

Jun 10, 2022

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the Austin area, with temperatures expected to reach dangerous and deadly levels. 

With forecasted highs above 105 degrees Saturday and Sunday, we are activating emergency measures to keep our animals safe in the extreme weather conditions. At this time we are also urgently asking for your help!

As important members of the APA! community, we are committed to keeping you aware of our preparedness plans, top priorities, and what we need most to continue our lifesaving work:

Adopt or Foster Today!

With the strain the extreme heat puts on our animals, staff, facilities, and the power grid, we are urgently asking for your help now to get our animals out of the shelter before temperatures reach the highest levels expected. We are calling on you to help us get 70 of our most vulnerable animals into homes before Sunday! We have both adoption and fostering options available and to help expedite our efforts to get animals into homes we’re waiving adoption fees* until June 16th for ALL our pets. This offer includes the nearly 40 adorable puppies onsite at TLAC. Visit our Town Lake location between noon and 6 p.m. Friday or Saturday to help get a pet in a home. No appointment is required!

Donate to Support Our Lifesaving Work Through this Emergency and Beyond!

We are calling on everyone to protect the animals who need them most during this extreme heat. The average temperature in Austin in June is 93 degrees with a jump to 98 degrees in August. With thermometers soaring more than 10 degrees higher in early June, some weather experts are anticipating that the summer of 2022 is on track to break records.

The brutally hot temperatures bring a plethora of problems for our shelter: rising electricity costs, overtime for staff, and an increase in supply needs that go beyond the cooling equipment generously donated in the past. Since the heat wave is not limited to Central Texas, we are also providing support to partner shelters across the state.

As you receive this email, our teams are using mister fans and swamp coolers generously donated by friends like you to bring some relief to our dogs in kennels. We’re also using swamp coolers and baby pools in our play yards and making room inside of our buildings for animals struggling in their kennels. We are also placing mister fans and additional sunshades near the cat barns. Ice packs and ice water are being put out for barn and truckport cats, and regular rounds are taking place 24/7 to monitor all animals.

With your support, we can provide our animals with the best possible care during this hazardous Texas heat right now and throughout what could be an extremely hot summer. Will you donate to help us today?

Lastly, check out our blog post with our hot weather recommendations to ensure that the pets in your home and neighborhood are staying safe.

To stay up to date on our extreme weather response efforts, check our blog and social media for the latest news. Thank you for everything you do for our most vulnerable pets. Stay safe and cool Austin!

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