BRIIV Air Filter – A Dog Mom’s Honest Review

Briiv is an incredibly interesting air filter, creating clean air through organic materials sounds like a dream air filter.

Having three dogs, and cooking at home every day means my home battles a lot of pet dander and general dirt, food smells and the occasional lick of smoke (when I burn things accidentally!) which compromises the air quality in my home – without a doubt.

I also struggle with Hayfever, and a little asthma. I hear so much about “Safe” air, and it’s something I’ve always wondered if it can be helped by a filter and when Briiv contacted me, I finally got that opportunity to test out this new type of air purifier.

This post is a sponsored post! Briiv contacted me to test this and compensated me for my time and insight, this piece is still entirely my honest opinion.

Introducing the BRIIV Air Filter



  • Great with pet dander
  • Very quiet
  • Organic filters
  • Carbon filter
  • Gorgeous design
  • Portable
  • Petite
  • On-device controls
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Not HEPA grade
  • Not great with fur
  • Glass shatters very finely

The Testing

Beyond my three dogs, my home is a busy home. We’ve had building work, demolition, cement work, daily cooking and pretty much everything you can imagine going on around this filter, to test this out for you.

And, I also purchased an independant Air Quality Monitor to see how this worked and get a number associated with this (low means good air quality).

The rest has been based on interpretation and experience of how the filter acts for me personally within my home.

The Results

Briiv works.

It’s actually reduced the AQI after I’ve cooked bacon 3x quicker than it just ‘dispersing’ or opening the window.

And… when I groomed Indie (and controlling the shed on a german shepherd is an event) right beside it, the AQI returned to ‘normal’ faster than it would have otherwise.

Indie’s skin and dander is something that the Briiv thrives on!

What I Love About the Briiv Air Filter

Reindeer Moss, Coconut fibre & Carbon

For me, the important part was the pet dander, pollen and household dust – and tobacco smoke not because I smoke, but be because when I cook I occasionally burn things! And a little burnt bacon smoke can’t be dissimilar to tobacco smoke.

I love this. One of the worst things about most air filters is that the filters are plastic and non-recylcable. Not the case with Briiv. Briiv manages their environmental impact by using renewable materials, biodegradable filters (plants, carbon and a silk matrix filter – that become a harmless soil after time) the way nature intended

The Briiv air purifier uses natural materials for filtering, and filters out in stages and harnessing the power of plants. The filter is entirely natural. The materials inside are even totally Taking advantage of nature’s natural filtering materials of Reindeer moss (the natural micro-structures of moss remove large particles) , Coconut fiber and silk-carbon matrix (tiny particles). Each one taking the particle size down and down to ensure that the particulates that remain are as close to pure as possible.

Polutant Size Filtered By Briiv
Pet Dander Less than 2.5 Microns to 10 Microns Yes
Household Dust 0.5 to 100 Microns Yes
Pollen 10 to 1000 microns Yes
Viruses 0.005 to 0.3 Microns No
Mold 3 to 40 Microns Yes
Bacteria 0.3 to 60 Microns Most
Tobacco Smoke 0.01 to 4 Microns Some


And as you can see? This literally ticks all my boxes for a filter for my home.

By the way, did you know that Reindeer moss is actually a lichen? Cool, huh?

Stylish as heck

This is definitely the nicest looking air filter on the market – the other standard air filters just aren’t the same talking point that Briiv is – a visitor to my home honestly thought this was one of our smart speakers (and it’s way better than a smart speaker, because it removes bad air particles and gives me cleaner air!).

Without comparison. This one is petite, sleek and takes advantage of natural tones, colour and shape! It’s got a fantastically organic feel because of the glass and the moss and coconut fibers.

Zero Maintenance

When I heard that this used natural fibers (even the body is a new bio-plastic derived from elephant grass!) like reindeer moss & coconut fiber – I got worried I’d have to water this.

Now, whilst I’m great with dogs, I kill everything from a cactus to a lily when it’s in my home because I forget to water them. So I was paranoid about killing my air filter.

Luckily? It’s like they knew this would be a thing and it doesn’t need to be watered and Briiv’s filters last 6-8 months without needing replacement, which is fantastic. Because I just don’t need more things on my mind.


Going away? Maybe you’re going to stay in a city or more busy town? Or you’re going to stay in a home where there are higher levels of allergens – Briiv’s perfect for you because you can pack it up with everything else and pop it beside your bed to ensure you can still sleep.

Great for bedrooms & office

I love this for the bedroom. It’s up and out of the reach of dogs (see my story later…) and it removes the allergens (like pollen!), air pollution and fine dust from the air of my room, allowing for a much better sleep – and even the noise of the fan is comparable to white noise. So, that works quite nicely.

The office environment is actually pretty important too, keeping the air clear means that I’m not subjected to outdoor allergens and this works really nicely to help keep my brain function at it’s peak so I can continue to make great content for you!

This moss? Is genuinely gorgeous. It’s not only aesthetically so pretty, but it’s also a wonderful natural filter.

Great Filter

It’s really effective at what it does. I love the speed at which it does it’s work. Yes, it’s a little loud at it’s maximum setting, but it’s suuuuper effective. The efficacy of this is really seen in the Briiv video above.

What don’t I love about the Briiv Air Filter.

There’s not much I don’t love about Briiv, but here’s a few things that do limit the device or problems I’ve had.

The Glass Shatters

I was very, very unfortunate in the fact that Indie’s gorgeous swishy tail swished the whole unit right off of a sidetable – and the glass smashed.

And when it smashed, it shattered. The glass smashes down to fine, fine shards and it would be nice if this were changed for safety reasons.

It’s not HEPA Grade

So HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) is one of the highest grades of air filters and filters out super tiny particulates in the air such as viruses. Briiv doesn’t tackle viruses.

This said? Briiv tackles the pollutants that I’m most concerned about, and that are the most problematic options in my home day to day.

It’s working on being smart.

The app for it is… well a little funky at the moment, but BRIIV have told me that it is something they’re currently working on – so there’s that!!

The BRIIV Air Filter – A Dog Mom’s Verdict

For me, this filter works. I find it keeps the Air Quality Index low in it’s space or zone, and that’s always a good thing to me. It’s a wonderful, sustainable product and it means my dogs have a much smaller impact on the health of my home.

With the best parts of a gorgeous terrarium, the chic looks of a smart speaker and an air filter combined, Briiv is stylish and natural, and will totally fit into any home.

I love the fact that I can keep the air in my home super clean, move it around rooms, and have it look like it belongs in my home – the only thing I’m doing? Is ensuring it’s out of the reach of swishy tails!

If you want an air filter? Briiv is a great choice for dog parents, and if you want one – head over to their and grab yours!

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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