Austin Pets Alive! | Thanks to You, Tomato Paste Gets to be the King…

Nov 14, 2022

Who would’ve guessed big boy Tomato Paste, who started losing his
appetite at the shelter due to stress, would soon spend every day
getting cuddles and wearing fun costumes in his new home? (Well, maybe
we could’ve guessed!). Now affectionately nicknamed Tommy, this
incontinent kitty is getting the peace, love, and routine he craves from
his new family thanks to support from friends like you.

came to APA! with an old tail injury that made it hard for him to
control where and when he had to go potty. He needs his bladder gently
squeezed a couple times a day to empty it, and it took a lot of time and
treats for this gentleman to accept that he needs some extra help.

Because of you, we were able to give Tommy the medications he requires to stay comfortable while getting his bladder expressed and support his dedicated foster as she cared for an incontinent kitty for the first time. At another shelter, Tommy might have faced needless euthanasia because of extra care that only takes a few minutes out of the day and that anyone can learn how to do with practice and patience.

When we say Katie was a dedicated foster, we mean it! She
brought Tommy into our clinic almost every day for the first couple
weeks to get help expressing his bladder. That’s determination! Katie
wanted to give this handsome kitty a lap to curl up in at night, which
meant lots of practice and teamwork to find the routine he needed.

Ultimately, she couldn’t let this lovebug go and soon Tommy became our
14th incontinent cat adopted in 2022!

Katie says “We were
definitely a bit
intimidated by the prospect of adopting an incontinent
cat, but after getting a good routine down with him it’s totally

Now that
she and Tommy are on the same page, Katie has a friend to greet her
when she comes home from work and Tommy finally has the loving family he
deserves. “I’m really glad we took a chance on him, he’s the sweetest and most charismatic boy!”

so excited to say “Happy tails” to this distinguished kitty and we’re
so grateful to YOU for making stories like this possible this holiday
season and every day.

With gratitude,

The APA! Team

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