100s of Beagle Names for Tricolor, Red & White and Lemon Beagles! (2023)

Have you recently adopted a Beagle? If so, congratulations! You want your pup’s name to be special and unique – something that reflects their personality or the colors of their coat. Finding the perfect combination can seem daunting, but don’t worry. We’ve got some creative Beagle names–from names inspired by movie Beagles to names that hark back to the Beagle’s origins.

Creative Beagle names--from names inspired by movie Beagles to names that hark back to the Beagle's origins.

Did you know: Beagles are such a popular dog breed that they are even celebrated with their own pet holiday: National Beagle Day!

Our Beagle Spotlight

Beagle named Henry
Paris & Henry

My first childhood dog was a Beagle we named Henry! Henry is a name based on the Old German name Haimirich or “home ruler.”

Names based on Beagle Ears

One of the most lovable features of the Beagle is his floppy ears. These names, both from big-eared characters and baby names related to listening, may give you inspiration:

Alfred E. Neuman: The fictional mascot of Mad magazine was known for his ears.

Dobby: The lovable character of Harry Potter fame was known for his ears and his big heart. {For more, see our post on more Harry Potter names for dogs.}

Dumbo: Often named one of the saddest Disney movies, Dumbo the elephant’s ears were so large he was able to fly.

Eeyore: The best friend of Winnie-the-Pooh was known for his droopy donkey ears.

Mimi: Japanese for ear or ears, this name is pronounced like the English name Mimi.

Samantha: This longtime girls’ name means listener.

Sami (or Samee, Sameeh): This Arabic name means one who hears all.

Sim: This Scottish nickname for Simon means listener.

Simon: This name with Greek and Hebrew origins means “he has heard.”

Spock: The iconic ears of this Star Trek character were almost as well-known as his intelligence and reliance on logic.

Names based on the Beagle’s origins and history

Beag: Some believe the name Beagle was derived from the Gallic word beag, which means little.

Be’geule: Looking for a French name for your Beagle? Look no further than be’geule, which some people believe was the origin of the name Beagle. Be’geule means open mouth or gape throat, a reference to the sound of the baying Beagle.

Bechtel: The surname Beagle is the Americanized version of the German Bechtel.

Blunder: The name of the first Beagle registered by the AKC.

Büchel: The Swiss-German surname that was Americanized as Beagle.

Talbot: One theory is that the Beagle descended from the Talbot hound. Talbot is a surname that means “command of the valley.”

Unisex Names for Beagles

Bagel: One of the Beagles who shared Barry Manilow’s heart, Bagel even appeared on the cover of the LP Tryin’ To Get The Feeling.

Biscuit: Another of Barry Manilow’s beagles.







Pinkerton: from the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, of course



Male Beagle Names

While you can always opt for a classic boy dog name, we’ve rounded up some more unconventional names for male Beagles based on their tricolor look and their love of sniffing out what’s around them!




Calico Jack— Ruling the waves during the first half of the 18th century, this pirate was nicknamed Calico Jack due to his preference for wearing calico attire. {See our post for more pirate names for dogs!}


Clouseau: Or Inspector Clouseau, if you’d like to get formal

Dick Tracy

Easy Rawlins

Encyclopedia Brown



Hercule (or Poirot)








Sam (or Sam Spade)


Sherlock (or Holmes)

Snoop or Snoop Dog


Female Beagle Names

As with male names, you can always go with a classic girl dog name but for this list we’ve selected some names based on the Beagles’ colors and their detective-like skills in sniffing out what’s around!


Agatha (or Christie)


Cagney (or Lacey)

Cinna or Cinnamon







Miss Marple

Nancy Drew




Veronica Mars

Names that Rhyme with Beagle

  • Deagle: An old British surname that may have been derived from the German Dägele.
  • Eagle: Both a name for the dog of one who enjoys birds and for those who realize their Beagle has an eagle eye.
  • Legal: The Legal Beagle might be a fun name for the dog of an attorney or law student!
  • Neagle: An Irish surname that may have been derived from the German Nagel, maker of nails.
  • Regal: Is yours a Regal Beagle? (Don’t miss our post on Royal Dog Names if your regal dog might need a title of his own.)
  • Segal or Siegal: This surname, which dates back a millennium, referred to one who made wax seals.
  • Weegle: This Scottish term refers to waddling or wiggling.
  • Yeagle: A surname that is derived from the German nickname Jäggle, a form of Jakob.
  • Zeagle: A brand of scuba diving gear; a fun name for the Beagle of a diver.

Famous Beagles from Real Life and on Film

Beegly Beagly: If you were around in the 70s, you just might remember the cartoon The Grape Ape Show. The star gorilla had a four-legged friend named Beagle Beagle–although the purple primate called him Beegly Beagly.

Gromit: Gromit the Beagle is the best friend of human pal Wallace in Wallace & Gromit .

Guy: Meghan Markle’s rescue Beagle who stars in several children’s books: His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog (on Amazon) and The Duchess and Guy: A Rescue-To-Royalty Puppy Love Story (on Amazon).

President Lyndon B. Johnson walks his two beagles as a large group of press members follow. LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton.

Him and Her: LBJ’s pair of beagles–yes, a male and a female–were some of the best-known presidential pets who called the White House home. After the deaths of Him and Her, J. Edgar Hoover gave LBJ another Beagle that was soon named Edgar.

Mamma Mia: A rescue Beagle adopted by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Porthos: The Beagle about the starship Enterprise in the series Star Trek: Enterprise.

Shiloh: Based on the Newberry Medal Award-winning book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, the 1996 film tells the tale of the bond between a boy and an abused Beagle puppy named Shiloh. The book was also made into a movie with two sequels.

Shoeshine: The star of the cartoon series Underdog — “Never fear! Underdog is here!” — in the 1960s was Shoeshine (although Underdog makes a nice name, too!)

Snoopy: Everyone’s favorite Beagle was a star character in the Peanuts comic strip!

Paris and Uno had a little nose to nose discussion when the Westminster winner visited Austin.

Uno: A Beagle named Uno was named numero uno when he took the Best in Show title in 2008 at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

No matter what kind of name you choose for your new Beagle, make sure it reflects their personality and is easy enough for them to recognize after hearing it just once or twice! Once you’ve picked out the perfect moniker, all that’s left is plenty of love and attention—and lots and lots of belly rubs. Good luck with finding the perfect name!

Names for Tricolor Beagles




Chocolate Chip


Coke Float





Ginger Ale


Graham (or Graham Cracker)


Macchiato: This coffee drink features dark espresso and milk foam. Latte and Cappuccino would also make great Beagle names! {More coffee drink dog names}






Rocky Road

Rolo: This caramel and chocolate candy reflects at least two of the Beagle colors! {More Candy Dog Names}

Shudderupper: This treat is similar to S’mores but uses graham crackers, marshmallows and caramel!

S’mores: The layered graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow are a sweet description of tricolor Beagles!








Turtle: as in the caramel turtle candies

Names for Red and White Beagles

Alroy: Gaelic for red haired

Flanna: Irish name meaning red-haired.

Flynn: This Irish surname is also used as a given name meaning descendant of one of red hair.

Gummi Bear




Peppermint Patty


Redford: This English surname means red and ford (a place where you can ford or cross a river). Great for a red and white Beagle who loves water!

Reed: An Old English name meaning red-haired.

Rogan: An Irish surname, Rogan means red-haired.

Rory: This Irish name means Red King.


Roth: A name with German origins meaning red.

Rowan: This Irish name is derived from the Irish name for red haired.


Rufina: The feminine equivalent to Rufus, Rufina means red haired.

Rufus: A Latin name meaning red-haired.

Russell: This name is derived from the French word for red haired.

Shortcake (or Strawberry Shortcake)


Sorrel: A name derived from French and German for reddish brown hair, also a Jamaican Christmas drink.

Names especially for Lemon Beagles

Much rarer than the typical tricolor Beagle, the Lemon Beagle sports white and lemon tinted fur. These names are specially chosen for Lemon Beagles:

Blondie – Because the lemon fur is actually a shade of blonde.

Citron – Citron is another short yet sweet option and means lemon in French. It’s simple enough while still being unique.

Honey – Another way to describe the lemon tint of your new dog–and her sweet disposition.

Lemo – For those who prefer shorter dog names, Lemo is an excellent choice. It’s still fun and unique without being too long or hard to pronounce.

Lemon Drop – A playful twist on the classic “Lemonade” moniker. Perfect for dogs with sunny dispositions and big personalities!

Lemona – Lemon in Hawaiian

Lemonade – This is a great name for any pup with a sweet and bubbly personality. Plus, it’s easy to remember and catchy too!

Limoncello – Is your pup the life of the party? If so, Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, might be the perfect choice.

Limão: Lemon in Portuguese

Limone: Lemon in Italian

Lemóni: Lemon in Greek

Lumi: Lemon in Maltese

Lymun: Lemon in Arabic

Remon: Lemon in Japanese

Sitron: Lemon in Norwegian

Sítrónu: Lemon in Icelandic

Sitruuna: Lemon in Finnish

Yeller: Old Yeller wasn’t a Beagle–but he was yellow!

Zitrone: Lemon in German

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Beagle Names for your Tricolor, Red & White or Lemon Beagle!

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