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If you are with a shelter or rescue and are looking for our “Facebook (Static HTML app) instructions” – Facebook has discontinued support of that feature. Please use either method below to share your My Pet List or individual pets.

You can save a life right now by helping shelter pets get seen on your favorite social networking sites!

  1. Use to search for a dog, cat, or other pet that needs a home.
  2. Choose a pet you want to help from the results. Click on the pet to see their full page.
  3. On the pet’s page, click on a social media button to help the pet get seen and adopted! They look like this:

If you want to help a specific shelter or rescue, you can share that organization’s entire pet list on Facebook! Here’s how:

  1. Go to and search for shelter or rescue.
  2. Click on a shelter or rescue name in the results list.
  3. Copy their URL from your browser. The URL will look like and then some numbers. (On an iPhone, “copy” is from the center share icon at the bottom).
  4. Log in to your Facebook, and create a post. Paste their URL so there will be a clickable link, and type why you are sharing those pets!

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