Lioness Adopts Sick Leopard Cub And Adds Him To Her Litter

In nature, lions and leopards are competition! They do not cohabitate and are far from being friendly toward one another. That is why this story shocked workers and scientists at Gir National Forest in India. With their heart racing, they watched as a “fierce lioness” approached a baby leopard.


A sick two-month-old baby leopard was lying there, all on its own, when a lioness took an interest in the cub. Onlookers suspected the worse, but the exact opposite happened! The lioness snuck up on the baby leopard, not to attack him but to help him survive!


The heroic lioness brought the baby to her cubs and encouraged all of them to nurse. The lion cubs also welcomed the baby leopard and played with him gently. The interspecies adoption floored park workers! They had never seen anything like it!


The mama lioness didn’t just let the baby leopard nurse for a day or two; she cared for and fed him for 45 days! Sadly, however, the relationship was cut short when the baby leopard passed away from a femoral hernia. Despite the tragedy, the baby leopard still had the opportunity to experience motherly love and family acceptance. What a fantastic story!

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