101 Female English Springer Spaniel Names + Meanings

Naming your new English Springer Spaniel is an exciting part of welcoming her into your home. As a breed known for its agility, energy, and intelligence, an English Springer Spaniel requires a name that suits her unique personality and characteristics. You may choose a name that mirrors the breed’s hunting and retrieving skills, or perhaps something that captures their friendly and playful nature. Here are 101 name ideas, each with a short description of its meaning, listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Alba: A Latin name meaning ‘white’, suitable for a white and liver or white and black Springer Spaniel.
  2. Amber: A name that reflects the golden-brown shades in a Springer Spaniel’s coat.
  3. Aria: A melodic name fitting for a breed known for its expressive voice.
  4. Aster: A flower name, suitable for a beautiful Springer Spaniel.
  5. Autumn: For a Springer Spaniel that loves to play in the leaves.
  6. Ava: A classic name of Latin origin, meaning ‘life’.
  7. Bailey: An Old English name meaning ‘berry clearing’, suitable for a dog who loves the outdoors.
  8. Bella: A beautiful name, Italian for ‘beautiful’.
  9. Bliss: Reflecting the joy that Springer Spaniels bring to their families.
  10. Blossom: For a dog that is the ‘blossom’ of your eye.
  11. Bonnie: A Scottish name meaning ‘beautiful’, perfect for a beautiful Springer Spaniel.
  12. Breeze: A great name for a fast and agile Spaniel.
  13. Brooke: Reflecting the breed’s love for water, Brooke means ‘small stream’.
  14. Cara: An Italian name meaning ‘beloved’.
  15. Cleo: A Greek name meaning ‘pride’, ‘fame’.
  16. Chloe: A Greek name that means ‘green shoot’.
  17. Coco: A cute and popular name for a chocolate-colored Spaniel.
  18. Daisy: A classic dog name symbolizing freshness, purity, and cheerfulness.
  19. Dawn: A beautiful name for an early riser.
  20. Diva: For a Springer Spaniel with a strong personality.
  21. Echo: A fitting name for a dog that responds well to commands.
  22. Ella: A popular name of German origin, meaning ‘all, completely’.
  23. Ellie: A charming name that means ‘bright, shining one’.
  24. Fern: A name that reflects the Springer Spaniel’s love for the outdoors.
  25. Flora: A Latin name meaning ‘flower’.
  26. Freya: Norse goddess of love, a name befitting a lovable Springer Spaniel.
  27. Ginger: For a Springer Spaniel with a reddish coat.
  28. Grace: An elegant name that captures the Springer Spaniel’s agility.
  29. Hazel: A great name for a Spaniel with hazel-colored eyes.
  30. Harper: An English name meaning ‘harp player’.
  31. Heidi: A German name meaning ‘nobility’, reflecting the breed’s distinguished nature.
  32. Holly: A festive name, perfect for a Spaniel born around Christmas.
  33. Honey: A sweet name for a sweet-natured Springer Spaniel.
  34. Indigo: For a Springer Spaniel with a deep, rich coat color.
  35. Ivy: An English name that signifies faithfulness.
  36. Jade: A precious gemstone, reflecting your Springer Spaniel’s value.
  37. Jessie: A Hebrew name that means ‘wealthy’.
  38. Jewel: For a Springer Spaniel that is precious to you.
  39. Juno: Roman goddess, a strong and powerful name.
  40. Katie: A name of Greek origin that means ‘pure’.
  41. Kiwi: A fun and fruity name for a lively Springer Spaniel.
  42. Lily: A classic name symbolizing purity and beauty.
  43. Lottie: A German name meaning ‘free woman’.
  44. Lucy: A Latin name meaning ‘light’, for a Spaniel that brings light into your life.
  45. Luna: A lovely name that means ‘moon’.
  46. Maddie: An affectionate name that means ‘woman of Magdala’.
  47. Maggie: Of English origin, meaning ‘pearl’.
  48. Maya: A name of Hebrew origin that means ‘water’.
  49. Millie: A popular name that means ‘gentle strength’.
  50. Misty: A perfect name for a blue or roan Springer Spaniel.
  51. Molly: Of Irish origin, Molly means ‘star of the sea’.
  52. Nellie: An English name meaning ‘shining light’.
  53. Nina: Of Spanish origin, Nina means ‘little girl’.
  54. Nutmeg: For a Springer Spaniel with a warm, spicy colored coat.
  55. Orchid: An exotic flower name for a beautiful Springer Spaniel.
  56. Olivia: A Latin name meaning ‘olive tree’.
  57. Opal: A precious gemstone, reflecting the valuable presence of your Springer Spaniel in your life.
  58. Orla: A beautiful Irish name meaning ‘golden princess’.
  59. Paisley: A unique name that reflects the Springer Spaniel’s Scottish ancestry.
  60. Penny: An affectionate and popular name.
  61. Piper: A musical name for a Springer Spaniel with a ‘songful’ bark.
  62. Pippa: A fun, loving name of English origin meaning ‘lover of horses’ – great for a Springer Spaniel with a playful spirit.
  63. Poppy: A popular name, named after the vibrant flower.
  64. Pumpkin: A sweet and cute name for a Spaniel that was born or adopted in the fall.
  65. Quartz: For a dog as unique and beautiful as a quartz crystal.
  66. Quinn: An Irish name meaning ‘wisdom, reason’.
  67. Quill: Reflecting the Springer Spaniel’s feathered coat.
  68. Raven: For a Springer Spaniel with a dark, glossy coat.
  69. Rain: A great name for a dog who loves water and playing outside, rain or shine.
  70. River: A flowing name for a dog that loves water.
  71. Riley: An Irish name meaning ‘courageous’, reflecting the Springer Spaniel’s brave and energetic nature.
  72. Rosie: Of English origin, Rosie means ‘rose’.
  73. Ruby: A precious gemstone, reflecting your Springer Spaniel’s value.
  74. Sadie: A Hebrew name that means ‘princess’.
  75. Sasha: A Greek name that means ‘defender of mankind’.
  76. Sapphire: Another precious gemstone name for your precious Spaniel.
  77. Scarlett: An English name that means ‘red’, suitable for a reddish-brown Springer Spaniel.
  78. Sophie: A Greek name that means ‘wisdom’.
  79. Star: An ideal name for the dog that shines brightly in your life.
  80. Stella: A Latin name that means ‘star’.
  81. Sky: For the Springer Spaniel who loves the outdoors and has a limitless spirit.
  82. Summer: For a Spaniel that enjoys the outdoors during the warm season.
  83. Tansy: A yellow flower, great for a Springer with a golden coat.
  84. Tango: Reflecting the English Springer Spaniel’s energetic and playful nature.
  85. Tess: A Greek name meaning ‘to reap’, fitting for a hardworking breed.
  86. Tulip: A sweet and colorful name for a Springer Spaniel that brings a touch of spring to every day.
  87. Una: A Latin name meaning ‘one’.
  88. Unity: For the Springer Spaniel who brings the family together.
  89. Ursula: A Latin name meaning ‘little bear’, cute for a cuddly Springer Spaniel.
  90. Vega: Named after the brightest star in the Lyra constellation.
  91. Vesper: Meaning ‘evening star’, for a Spaniel that loves her evening walks.
  92. Violet: A cute name named after the flower.
  93. Waffle: A fun and affectionate name for your sweet companion.
  94. Whitney: An English name meaning ‘white island’, suitable for a white-coated Springer Spaniel.
  95. Willow: A name that reflects the Springer Spaniel’s love for the outdoors.
  96. Xyla: A Greek name meaning ‘woodland’, reflecting a Springer Spaniel’s love for the outdoors.
  97. Xena: A Greek name meaning ‘guest, stranger’.
  98. Yara: An Arabic name meaning ‘small butterfly’.
  99. Zelda: A German name meaning ‘gray fighting maid’.
  100. Zephyr: A unique name that means ‘west wind’, reflecting a Spaniel’s swift movements.
  101. Zoe: A Greek name meaning ‘life’, for a lively and spirited Springer Spaniel.

The joy of naming your English Springer Spaniel can only be compared to the joy that she will bring to your life. Whether you choose a name that honors her heritage, reflects her lively personality, or simply sounds great to your ears, the most important thing is that it’s a name that you and your Springer Spaniel will love. Enjoy the process, and happy naming!

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