Couple Was Furious After Sitting Next To ‘Farting Dog’ On 13-Hour Flight

Imagine being trapped in a confined space for 13 hours with a farting dog. That’s exactly what happened to a couple who were forced to endure a long-haul flight with a flatulent canine as their seatmate. The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, were left livid and disgusted by the experience, which they described as “unbearable.”

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 26 Houston via YouTube Video


The couple had booked their seats on an airline flight, expecting a comfortable journey. However, their expectations were shattered when they discovered that they would be sharing their row with a dog. To make matters worse, the dog suffered from severe flatulence throughout the entire flight, making the couple’s experience extremely unpleasant.

The dog, a large breed, was seated in the middle seat between the couple and its owner. The couple claimed that the dog’s owner did not seem to be bothered by the situation and made no effort to apologize or address the issue. They also said that the flight attendants did not offer any assistance or solutions to alleviate their discomfort.

The couple reached out to the airline to express their dissatisfaction with the situation and to seek compensation for their ordeal. They were initially offered a $150 voucher each as a goodwill gesture. However, they felt that this was insufficient given the severity of their experience and the fact that they had paid over $3,000 for their tickets.

After further discussions with the airline, the couple was eventually offered a $200 voucher each, which they accepted. However, they remain unhappy with the way the situation was handled and believe that more should have been done to address the issue during the flight.


Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 26 Houston via YouTube Video


This incident raises questions about the policies and procedures in place for accommodating animals on flights. While many airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin, there are often strict guidelines and requirements that must be met. These may include providing appropriate documentation, ensuring the pet is well-behaved, and keeping the animal in a carrier or on a leash at all times.

In this case, it appears that the dog was allowed to occupy a seat, which is not a common practice. Typically, pets are required to be kept in a carrier under the seat in front of their owner or in a designated pet area. It is unclear whether the dog’s owner had received special permission for the animal to occupy a seat or if this was a breach of the airline’s policies.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, this incident highlights the importance of airlines ensuring that all passengers, both human and animal, are comfortable and well-behaved during flights. It also serves as a reminder for pet owners to be considerate of their fellow passengers and to take responsibility for their pet’s behavior and well-being while traveling.

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