Petrified Pyrenees From Puppy Mill Won’t Budge, Women Get Clever

Olaf, a dog who had spent his entire life outdoors in a puppy mill, was hesitant to come inside when he was first brought to his new foster home. Anneliese, a patient and loving woman, worked diligently to help Olaf overcome his fears and learn to trust again. Through her efforts, Olaf eventually found the courage to step inside and embrace his new life.


When Olaf first arrived at his new home, he would stay at the furthest point in the yard, not allowing Anneliese to come within 10-15 feet of him. She would take treats out to him, and over time, he began to watch her more closely. Eventually, Olaf started lying on the porch, peeking his head inside the house when the doors were open.

Olaf’s curiosity was piqued by the presence of Anneliese’s other dogs. He was fascinated by them and wanted to interact with the pack. As the dogs began to play together, Olaf started to feel more comfortable and began to venture further into the house with his two front paws.


The turning point for Olaf came on the 4th of July when the sound of fireworks frightened him. He barked and peeked out from the kitchen, seeking comfort from his foster mom. This was a significant moment, as it showed that Olaf was beginning to trust her and feel safe in his new environment.

Over time, Olaf became more comfortable being inside the house and even began to take treats from Anneliese’s hand. He had to work through a lot of fear to reach this point, but his progress was nothing short of amazing!


Anneliese feels honored that he has learned to trust her and is grateful for the lessons she has learned from watching him overcome his past. Olaf’s journey is a reminder of the power of love, patience, and understanding in helping animals heal from their past traumas and embrace a brighter future.

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